Funny Wedding Toasts Tips

If you would be given the chance to address your friend or one of your family members in such a special day as a wedding- you should make your wedding speech and toasts as memorable as you can. If you want to make an impression and make your wedding toast one of a kind, you can add humor to your speech- it would surely be remembered.

How to write a funny wedding speech

In writing funny wedding toasts, there are certain guidelines that you should follow. Keep your speech short and make sure that you use clean humor because they would be children and conservative people who may be present during the wedding. You can make use of funny wedding stories that you can share with the audience. It would be a good idea to share some funny memories that you had with the bride or the groom.

Funny wedding speeches are not really hard to create. If you are a comedian and a funnyman yourself, it would really be easy for you to make people laugh. You can browse the Internet for some interesting funny wedding toasts that you can use during the wedding. A sample funny wedding speech can really help you in creating an original speech that you can use.

Sample funny one-liner jokes

You can also use funny one-liner jokes that can really get the crowd laughing. These are a couple of witty sentences that is suitable for the event and can really be humorous. Here are some samples:

“I’ve marked this day in my calendar. The best way to remember your wedding anniversary is to forget it once.”

“Weather Forecast for a Wedding…
Development of a warm front, with extreme turbulence and moisture in the lower regions. A possibility of six inches overnight. Sun (son) is expected in the morning”

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