Prototype and Invention Designers

Prototype and Invention Designers

Concept Invention

A concept design is one which is usually performed by an artist, engineer, or CAD drafting service. This purpose behind the concept design is to demonstrate the appearance, functionality, and point out certain aspects of the invention to the patent office. I’ve come to find that the best route to go is by using a CAD drafting company or 3D modeling service. There are two reasons for this. First of all CAD designers can add surface textures, lighting, environments, and other aspects to a rendering that make the conceptual design look real. Secondly if you use a CAD drafting service they can actually design your invention completely which will be ready for manufacturing. Therefore you can just use the final 3D model designed to demonstrate the concept design as it will be. That’s what you call killing two designs with one designer. Saving money, headache and time for you in the future.

Prototype & CAD

Inventors at first and not seasoned properly tend to be unsure on how to go about getting their prototype designed. CAD drafting services, and 3d modeling companies can produce concept designs, or 3D CAD models ready for manufacturing molds, CNC, mechanical parts and more. These CAD designers use special software which allows them to produce 3D models which can be written on files, transferred to some type of manufacturing machine and developed. These files can be sent online as attachments to emails, so all you need is internet access to deliver the CAD drawings.

Invention Designers

Invention designers fall into the same category as prototype designers because both use CAD drafting services and 3D modeling companies to produce the designs. It’s very important to try and find an invention designer who will try to save you money. Some of the ways they can do this are by slimming the product down to be less costly in manufacturing, only charging for the design time. This is extremely important to Inventors who are on a tight budget. The most important aspect to look for when choosing an Invention designer or prototype designer is to find one who will make your prototype as if it were going directly to the manufacturer for production. If the CAD designer can achieve this it will save the Inventor from having to pay twice for the same basic design. A CAD drafter or 3D modeler can be your best or worst friend depending on who you use. If the company has individual designers with tons of creativity and skills performing special CAD commands than they should have no problem.

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