Shopping Advice For Men Buying Clothes For Her

Men shopping for women can be split fairly evenly into three groups. There are those who have no real idea what to get, what size she is, and buy anything that looks good and is on offer. Then there are those who know everything about her, including measurements, cup sizes and what styles she looks good in, and then there is the middle group who are aware of some things about her, but is absolutely terrified about buying something in case it is wrong.

The thoughts going through the heads of this middle group will probably run along the ideas of “what if I buy something that is too large?” “will she be offended and think that I think she’s overweight?” and other similar thoughts. With a little simple preparation it is quite possible to hit the shops armed and able to choose something she will like and which should be a good fit. Remember, even women can’t always judge whether an item will fit them – you can only really tell once you try something on, and this will be every bit as true if you buy something for her. It is therefore of great importance that when you buy her something you keep the receipt, just in case it isn’t suitable for whatever reason. In this way either you or she can return it and exchange it for a different size or fit.

Another important rule that is frequently ignored is that women like to be bought something that they would like to see themselves in. Choosing something simply because you would like to see them in it is not necessarily the most successful way round of choosing clothes, and is more likely to end up being returned, or simply hidden away at the back of a drawer and unworn.

The first rule of thumb is to spend a bit of time looking through her wardrobe. Take a note of a few things, such as the colours she goes for, the styles she has, and the sizes. As far as the sizes are concerned, you need to be looking for either general sizes for items such as tops which may come in small, medium, large and so forth, or more specific sizes such as hip, waist and bust measurements. For trousers, leg length and style will be important, and if buying underwear you will need to make a note of both chest and cup size.

It will be advisable in most cases to not simply rely on the first measurement you come across. To begin with, use clothes that you know she wears, as they are more likely to be ones that fit her well and which she feels comfortable in. But as you may well know, clothing sizes vary quite considerably from one manufacturer and style to another. For this reason, it will be beneficial to look through a few outfits and items, and make a note of common sizes she goes for. Make a note and take these numbers with you don’t try to remember them or you will stand a good chance of forgetting and becoming flustered.

Don’t be afraid of asking for help. Most shop assistants will be only too pleased to help you, and armed with your general idea of what she likes and her sizes they will be able to offer you a female’s perspective and help guide your choice to a more successful selection.

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