Tips for Planning a Gay or Lesbian Wedding Ceremony

Whether you reside in a state with legalized gay marriages or if you’re planning your own commitment ceremony, we have a few tips to help same sex weddings or same sex unions go smoothly.

One of the first steps, like with any major positive change in life, is sharing your good news! Telling your loved ones that are most supportive of you first will build your confidence so you will feel comfortable sharing with ones that may not be so enthused. Feeling the support and excitement of others will make the planning all the more fun.

Next comes planning your event! As your ceremony is representing you and your commitment, you should personalize it in all the ways that are special to you and your partner. Aspects of traditional ceremonies may work well for you, but you may want to add or modify them. For instance, you can search for traditional and religious wedding vows online but you may want to add to them with parts from poems or songs.

The ring exchange will be one of the main parts of the ceremony to consider next. This is basic enough…picking your rings beforehand will be where you spend your time with this. Then comes any readings, songs or rituals you and your partner want to include. Finally, there’s the declaration and presentation of you and your partner, then…the kiss!

Often same sex couples choose to exchange vows with a small ceremony or in front of the justice of the peace. Then they’ll plan a destination wedding celebration to kick off their new commitment, usually with friends and family. A resort or Caribbean island getaway is perfect for this. Sometimes couples are looking to stay in a private villa and then have a beach ceremony for friends to join them. Other times they’re looking for a large villa where the whole wedding party can stay and hold all events on location. The US Virgin Islands, especially St. John and St. Thomas, offer a vast selection of locations catering just to destination weddings. Over a thousand villas available between the two islands for renting (from large 5+ bedrooms to smaller 1-2 bedroom villas). There are 33 beaches to select from on St. John alone! Not to mention churches and historical ruins…they also make ideal settings for weddings.

Planning the ceremony can be loads of fun when you start to open your eyes to possibilities, ideas and customizing what works for you.

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