Top 3 Places to Buy Designer Clothes For Knockoff Prices

Do you have an eye for fashion, but your wallet doesn’t match your eye? Do you see the latest “Fashionistas” in Hollywood and crave their style, but lack their funding? Are you considered the trendsetter in your area and like your fashion icon, take the job very seriously? If so, join the club. I too had this problem.

In fact, I have gone so far as to travel hours and hours away from my hometown to get the latest chic and exciting trends to maintain my own “Fashionista” status. Like most people I have had to cut my spending to a minimum with the economy being the way it is. So I was faced with two dilemmas:

1. How do I achieve my favorite celebrities style without spending my life savings to do it, or settling for a cheap imitation that lacks the character of the real thing?
2. How not to look like every other woman around town?

Top 3 Places To Buy Designer Clothes On a Budget

1. Sample Sales
Authentic designer apparel sold for discounted prices.
2. Thrift stores in your area
You’ll be surprised at how many people overlook this jewel.
3. Estate Sales
You can find some great vintage looks here.

So I began searching the Internet for those delicious dresses, sultry shoes and gorgeous jeans for the perfect prices. But what I found were prices that were less than perfect. Frustrated I almost gave up, until I stumbled upon these “Diamonds” in the rough.

If it’s “Designer or Designer Inspired” (NOT KNOCKOFF) apparel that you’re looking for but your wallet is saying “WAL-MART” then HERE IS WHERE YOU WANT TO BE! Maintain your “Fashionista” status: ON A BUDGET. I DID! HAPPY SHOPPING!

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