Top Outdoor Wedding Venues

If you want a traditional wedding then choose a church or chapel as your venue. However, if you want something out of the ordinary then choose an outdoor venue which you and your guests will surely enjoy.

There are a lot of reasons why a couple would want to choose an outdoor wedding and getting away from tradition is just one of them. There is something in the outdoors that brings out the best in every person and you can count on this belief to work during your event.

Planning an outdoor wedding can be both fun and stressful so make sure you are familiar with the venue so you can at least second guess the possible hitches that may occur. Here are some of the top outdoor wedding venues which you might want to consider.

Beach Wedding

A beach wedding will give you and your guests a chance to show off lots of legs and exotic tans. The best thing about a beach venue is there’s lots of space, your guests can enjoy the day in a carefree atmosphere and you have a reason to go barefoot in the sand even in your wedding dress. A beach wedding gives you a lot of options when it comes to decorations depending on the time of the day or night you are holding your wedding ceremony. You can use seashells as your table centerpiece. If it’s nighttime, you can place lots of candles on the tables and on the sand.

A Garden Wedding

If you want an open space with lots of flowers and birds chirping in the background while saying “I do” then a garden wedding will be fabulous. You can prepare your very own backyard (if you have a large lawn) by landscaping the area a few months beforehand. Tents can be installed temporarily to provide shade for your guests during the ceremony and even for the reception. A garden wedding is not only economical since you don’t have to spend for flower decorations anymore. Lots of balloons and flowers will make the venue more festive. As a favor for your guests, you can give away pots planted with your favorite flowers.

Yacht wedding

A yacht wedding need not be expensive if you know where to look and where to go. In fact, you can even borrow a friend’s yacht or charter one for your wedding. The only hitch here is that with a smaller yacht you will only be able to invite a few friends on board. However, that would make the event more intimate and memorable with only your closest family and friends as witnesses. This is a very romantic way to get married.

You can be as creative as you can get when choosing an outdoor venue. You can even hold your wedding in a park provided you get the necessary permits. Let nothing hold you back from enjoying this special day in a grand way.

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