Wedding Planning: Deciding On What Your Bridal Party Will Wear On Your Wedding Day

Deciding on what you want your bridal party to look like and the colour they will wear generally depends on the theme and colour scheme of your wedding. But you could always change this and start a new trend by making your bridal party wear something out of the ordinary.

Every bride would like her wedding to be different and stand out in comparison to other weddings. You want your wedding to be unique and for it to make a statement. One way to add to your unique wedding will be through your bridal party. Usually couples have their bridal party match their wedding theme by tying what the bridal party wears to the theme of the wedding or to the colour scheme. There are many other ways for you to find original outfits for the bridal party that will both complement your wedding as well as give them a look that is different from the traditional wedding outfits. Give yourself some time to explore all the different looks and ask your bridal party’s opinions while you’re busy with the wedding planning process. You will see once you have started looking that there is quite a large variety of looks that you could use.

You could take your bridesmaids and groomsmen to a formalwear store and let them try on all types of outfits. You will come across many unusual options and designs but with trial and error you will have an idea of what you would like and what is out of the question. Not to mention all the fun you will have exploring all the different types of evening wear that are available. You could make your bridesmaids try on different styled dresses but in the same colour pallet. Or the same dresses in different colours. Maybe you have a blue theme, have each bridesmaid wear a slightly different shade of blue. You could do the same with the groomsmen except they will be trying on suits. They could wear the same suits but have different colour waist coats and cravats or different accessories so that they can also add their own unique touch to their outfits. Depending on the theme for wedding, the men could wear top hats or unusual shoes, such as sneakers or pointy-toe shoes. Your wedding planner will advise you if the options work or not. You will see that there really are very many ways for them to have something that ties their outfits together even though they may not look exactly the same. They can still look stylish and be comfortable for your wedding without feeling that they have been forced to wear the chosen clothes.

It is important that you are happy with the overall look of your bridal party. They need to accommodate what you want for your wedding. Have fun playing dress-up!

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