Weed Out Fake Louis Vuitton Bags With These Search Engine Tips

Louis Vuitton Search Engine Tips:

Right out of the gate, by using model and brand specific keywords relating to the designer in a search engine will help weed out much of the fake handbags clogging up the viral marketplace. This is important when a buyer is challenged with the task of sifting through an endless stream of fake Louis V.

Below is an example of weak and strong keyword entries:

Weak keywords: Louis Vuitton handbag

Strong keywords: LOUIS VUITTON Epi Bowling Montaigne PM Ivory Bag LV

Descript vs. non-descript search titles matter, here is why. When only typing, “Louis Vuitton handbag”, every bag, from the lamest of the Chinese fakes-to every fake in between-will stream down the page from the search engine. And then, the arduous task of picking through them all, one by one, hundreds and hundreds of Louis V. handbags fake and real will begin.

But when the detailed and specific keywords are utilized, most, or at the very least many of the phony handbags will be eliminated from the search.

It may even be reasonable to leave the word: “handbag” or “purse” out of the search completely. It sounds strange, but the logic is simple. Take a shot typing only the model+brand+color, and eliminate completely the general keywords like handbag+purse and so on. The model+style+color specific keywords will offer the search engine plenty of detailed information to locate the specific handbag accurately, and quite possibly cut down on some of the worst of the fake Louis Vuitton handbags from showing up.

This is because, most if not all of the fake LV handbag listings will have these vague keywords.

So if some detail is utilized, filtering out much of the garbage fake bags will save a lot of time and money. Good luck and safe shopping!

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