What Should You Know When Asking How to Become a Male Model

What should you know when you actually ask how to become a male model. Since the 1980’s the things have changed for men regarding many issues that were considered “un manly” for decades. Male models have become appreciated in show business and the fashion world as a matter of fact they have become as popular as rock stars and even rock stars and athletes have started looking up to them and they have become accepted which was not the case some 20 years ago.

So, how to become a model, and is it easier for a guy to find a job as a model than a girl? Some might say that it is actually easier because there is less competence but no, girls are privileged in this business and usually have more advantage since there is still more demand for female than male models. As a matter of fact this is not so bad when you take the greater perspective in consideration, namely the girls are still discriminated in most industries, and it is more then OK that they have an industry that is mostly for themselves and where they are the main factor. So, the question should rather be whether then how to become a man-model. You know that you will be discriminated against and even though many girls will be supportive some will try and crush you.

The guys who are brave enough to try and make career in a mostly female field should really consider the pros and the contras before finding out how to become a male model. So, if you are persistent in your decision to become a male model do keep in mind that for fashion modeling you need to fit certain standards, and those are being between 5’11 and 6’2 ft in height and wear a size 40 dinner jacket. If on the other hand are interested in how to become a male model in commercial modeling, you have a much greater variety of options that could range from modeling casual wear to being a model for truck driver accessories.

On the other hand if you are wondering on how to become a masculine model in the world of fashion you are pretty much limited to consult agencies and contrary to the girls, it is less likely that you will be approached by an agent and you will have to work and struggle way more than the least photogenic and talented girl. Now the good news is that if you make it as a guy in the world of high fashion you have really made it and you have become one of the very few fortunate that have made in an almost exclusive female industry and when you look back at the times when you wondered how to become a male model you will remember those hard but gratifying times with a sense of nostalgia.

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